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The Truth About Candida

Killing my Candida, may take years for me, but its a journey I find worth living. Despite the pain I have been in, I have discovered a lifestyle that I truly value and hope to continue once I am completely healed.

Friends and family have asked me, "how are you? Has your diet helped you? Is it making you feel better?" My answer to everyone of them is YES, I am getting better. But what I have learned, is that its not just a diet change. Its a lifestyle change. 
I can eat the BEST foods for my body but if Im not handling stress well, Im feeding my Candida. Im learning to look at life in balance. Everything in moderation. Everything works together. Instead of checking off all the boxes, making sure I have done everything for that day. Ive learned to listen to my body...
what is it telling me? Is my body weak and tired? do I need to skip yoga today and rest? Or sleep in an extra hour to get the rest I need? If I feel grumpy or stressed, should I spend extra time with Father? If …

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