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The song Seasons Change by Michael Ketterer is playing and I can't help but be reminded that, no matter what season I enter into, God's love remains. He is by my side through it all. He was their when I walked into North Korea, even when people told me it was impossible. He was their when I had my first break up with my ex boyfriend, and I thought my life was over. He was their when a homeless women gave me all that she had, so that I could fix the tire on my car. She gave 200 dollars which was the exact amount I needed to fix my tire. My God is a good good Father. He will not let me down. I know He is here with us now, as Chris and I take this huge step in our lives. 
 We moved to Tennessee a month after we got married, which has been 2 years now. Now Father is calling us back to Greenville SC. Which is super exciting but also scary because we aren't sure why we are going back. We also aren't sure how its gonna work financially, because logically it doesn't make …

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