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3 Secret Hacks for Every Non-Morning Person

I think I have discovered a morning method that helps me start my day. As well as spending time with Father and that excites me! Mornings are so hard for me. Some times I wake up stressed and depressed, not wanting to get out of bed. Other times I wake up ready to start my day. But I have so many things I feel like I have to do, or want to do, I don't know what to do first. So I do nothing! Which is just as frustrating.

My mornings had to change ( I was going crazy!) but how?

With a few simple things that I have learned from life and from my husband.
1. Doing things even when you don't feel like it For Example, I haven't enjoyed waking up early! My body always tells me to sleep in. But you know what I have learned? I love waking up early in the morning, I am the happiest and feel the most alive when I do. Want to hear a little secret?? When you think to yourself..." I don't feel like doing it!" Most times thats a lie your flesh wants you to believe, and not …

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