Jonathan and Sophia

Jonathan and Sophia (not their real names) taught me about the simple things.  The things I take for granted.   They've been homeless for about three years now and live in Greenville's Tent City.

We were sitting at a booth in McDonalds when I asked about their dreams for the future.  After a brief silence, Jonathan said, "I'd really like to just live a normal life again." It took me back, not expecting such a simple answer and made me realize what I take for granted.

Jonathan lives in a tent with Sophia. In all kinds of weather, he walks or takes the bus to his job where he makes minimum wage washing dishes at a restaurant.  He works part time, but is hoping to work full time soon. That week his paycheck was one hundred and fifty dollars.  A bad thunderstorm ripped the tarp off their tent and let in the rain, ruining their sheets and clothes.  One hundred dollars was spent to replace the tent and fifty dollars to wash their clothes.  And that was the end of their paycheck for that week.

Jonathan seems like a good man.  He takes care of Sophia, working hard and trying his best.

Sophia told me a story of a day when Jonathan was at work and she sat in her tent, wishing she had a broom.  She asked Jesus to put it on Jonathan's heart to find a broom for her. Low and behold, he came back with a broom and a pair of flip flops for her. He had found them in a dumpster and thought Sophia would like to use them. Sophia praised the Lord when she saw what was in his hand.

"So what are you needing right now? I wanna help you guys, what can I help you with?" I quietly held my breath expecting to hear what I always hear from the homeless, "money." But instead I get another simple response, quarters for laundry, socks and maybe some candles for light when its dark. Oh and a few plastic containers so their clothes won't get wet the next time they have a storm.

By the end of the day, they admitted that if they ever lived a normal life again, their next dreams would be... Jonathan - "traveling around American in an RV" with Sophia adding, "I'd like to be a writer."


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