The Year I Meant My Husband

It has been 2 years since the last time I have shared anything on my blog. So many times I would try to write a post but it didn't come naturally to me. Trying to force words into sentence's, and not knowing where to begin. I would stare at my computer screen for hours trying to write. It wasn't because I had nothing to share, oh I had a lot to share!

I was in a season with Papa  (Jesus) for not dating anyone for 6 months. It was life changing. Then after my 6 months Abba told me to start going back to my house church, called Bridge Way. My first day was May 10th, on a Sunday, which was my birthday. Wasn't sure at the time why exactly He had called me back there, but for the first time I didn't need to know why. I trusted him in a deeper way then I may ever have. So when Papa (Jesus) was in the process of telling me how I was going to be blessed there,  I stopped Him. Told Him, I didn't need a reason to listen and obey Him. I knew He was smiling down on me. Proud of me, maybe.

 Little did I know Papa (Jesus) was setting up a moment in time, for me to meet my husband.

The same year in July, on a Monday, I had a good friend Shauna keys, text me if I would be interested in going on a blind date. I chuckled to myself when I got her text. Sunday night, I had 3 of my girls over, Brittney, Jessica, and Net. We had a bonfire in my backyard and we were all sharing how difficult it was to find a cute AND Godly man. It always seemed to be either or for us. That night I whispered something to Papa (Jesus), "even if it's a blind date I'll do it."

So you see, its ironic.

Before I could ask my friend Shana Keys, any questions about him, she filled in with a few. He's an incredible 28 year old man, who is from Chicago and just moved to Greenville with the WP Film Company. For some reason my only concern was making sure he was taller than me. (which I found out he was, by an inch!! ) Not caring what he even looked like I said "Yes, to this blind date!" Of course I told my mom and she and I stalked him on the internet and found some really awesome things about Him. He doesn't know this, but I was waiting all day for his text and I was so excited!

We decided to meet up at spill the beans, Dt Greenville on a Saturday July 31 2015. I believe at 7pm? I would so love to share our date with you, but their is so much detail it would take me all night to write it out. Let's just say the date lasted 14 hours. (we talked the whole time) The night involved a yellow umbrella, a newspaper, a homeless man, sneaking into the baseball stadium, discovering a pencil growing out of a branch in a tree, sitting barefoot in a water fountain, and driving to the mountains in NC to watch the sunrise at pretty place. It was the best date and It was the last first date I would ever go on.

skip forward 9 months later... April 10th 2016. Christopher, proposed to me! It was the sweetest way he could propose to me. There were tears, laughter, angels, and a whole lot of love. It was perfect.

We wanted to get married soon! So we got our hands dirty and started planning our wedding. Which I have to say... I had the best wedding any one could possible have. I'm not kidding! Ask our Photographer, the guest, my family, the wedding coordinator.  Everything was perfect. I couldn't wait to marry my love and be his wife forever. So on Aug. 6th 2016 at 5:30 we got married!!

I forgot to mention, while we were planning for the wedding, Chris got a job offer at Dave Ramsey solutions in TN. So the week we came back from our honeymoon, we packed back up again and flew to TN, for his first job interview. I cried. knowing, that we were going to move there. It was hard. my family and friends all were in SC. We knew no one in TN. And I felt like I was saying goodbye to SC forever, never moving back to where I grew up at. I knew it was going to be hard, but we would be blessed. So in the month of September, we packed all of our stuff,  (Chris, or dog riley, or cat saffron, and I all) drove to TN to our new home.

It has been 8 months since then.

 Today is May 4th actually... and if I remember correctly.. this was the day I heard from Father to be a member at Bridge Way Church.

Christoper and I were just talking the other day at how little we have known each other and yet we know so much about one another, and we have gone through a lot, the bad, the worst and the good. I haven't even known him for two years yet! Being married to your best friend is the best thing ever.

Anyway, this is what happened in my two years of being absent on my blog.

Recently my husband has been encouraging me to write on my blog again. He is the only one in my life that thinks I'm a good writer. Either he's crazy or he's the only one that sees the truest potential in me. Either way, I know I need to start writing again. Regardless if Im good at it or not. Because Even if no one reads my blog posts. I will. This blog has always been a safe place for me, to be vulnerable with my self, and to read back on these posts in years to come. They have always been encouraging to me, so maybe.. just maybe....I might encourage someone else.


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