His Unexepected Love

Its super funny when you start speaking prophetically for someone and then realize everything you just said was actually for yourself from Abba Father. :) I love Him...

"I see you. I'm not frustrated with you nor should you be with yourself. I love your heart, your dreams, your passion. Know what I'm passionate about? You....there is nothing you can do for me to love you less or to love you more. All I desires from you is your heart.
I feel as though sometimes you get frustrated with yourself when missing your quite time with Me? It's not about booking your appointment with me, its about having a relationship with me. Having a relationship with someone isn't about making time for them for that one hour of the day. Its about living life with them. Being vulnerable; opening up your heart. Listening, trusting, believing. What did you do when you were in a relationship with a man, Hannah? you talked to Him and you couldn't wait to hear back from him. Even if you were busy, you kept your phone by you always waiting for his reply's and responding back with such excitement and joy. That is our relationship Hannah. 
 It is true what you feel in your heart. you have barely scratched the surface of my love for all man kind. It's that amazing?! You can never not have enough of me. I love when you desire more, because I want to show you. To taste, to see, to understand. There is more of me that people have yet to discover.
But listen, I'm going to be speaking to your spirit as you are asleep. So don't be frustrated when you cant sleep, or when you're up in the middle of the night; it is only me speaking to you. So listen, keep your heart open. You know I already have, this is just the beginning my dear. I am awaking something deep in your heart. It's time to go to bed. I'll see you in your dreams little one. I love you. "


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