My Worries

In 3 months I'm leaving for YWAM in Kona Hawaii. I'm afraid, overwelmed, excited, but most of all, I wish I knew someone that was going this year to the photogenix. It makes me nervous Ive never been out of the country without one of my family members around and I haven't even been on a rd trip out of the state without my family with me. Of course I'm excited! Its just the fear of getting on 3 different plans by myself to get to Hawaii and then once I'm there I'm on a island not knowing anyone there, on my own. Ive only been out of the country once when i was 16 and it was a creepy and complicated experience just by going through security and getting on the plane. I know the Lord will be with me and i trust him but I doubt I will stay strong through this time of just getting there.

Then theres everything I have do before I leave in 3 months. I have to go to the doc. to figure what I'm allergic to that's making me so sick everyday. I have to get my new glasses and contacts to that I may see over there. I have to write my support letter. I need to get a good bright suitcase. I need to make sure my jaw piece is working in good condition before I leave. I need to raise all the money I need for YWAM.
Its not that many things but its something that bugs me to the core.

Even though I'm afraid and overwhelmed. I know my God, and I know He is there for me always. I know He has everything in His hands, like He always Has in the beginning. I'm sure everything will turn out just fine, who knows, maybe one of my parents will get to ride down there with me. :) :) God has taken me this far, I should learn to trust Him with everything else.


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