Growing Up

I'm not even sure how to write this post out. But I'm going to try to speak from the heart, and be real with myself. I have not been close with my King Jesus. My time with my King is no longer intimate, but, reserved. That makes me sick to my stomach, because I have realized that I have held some bitterness towards my God. Wishing things would be like when we were dating.

My Husband and I meant each other at a time in our life where both of us were love sick for Jesus. So when were got to know each other, the topic was all about Them (holy spirit, Jesus, Abba). We would talk for hours, even would pray, and my husband would dance in his bedroom. We didn't have a care in the world. It was just us and Papa. We didn't even watch movies like normal newly dating couples. we cuddle together for hours watching and discussing God movies, and sermons.

 But here we are now, 8 months into our marriage, and we have both fallen away from intimate quality time with our King Jesus. The worst part is that I have been living to much in the past and not in the present.

After Listening to Chad's message on Youtube, there is now a fire in my belly.

I say, No more misery.

Just like what Chad said...

"Don't blame anyone else for what you don't have with the Father. Salvation is absolutely free, but deep friendship with Him is not.You really grow up the day, you stop making excuses and you don't blame someone else for what you don't have." - Chad Norris

(Faith Acts by Chad Norris at Bridge Way church - April 9th 2017) 

I say to myself, be thankful and rejoice, at all times. God is not good when I see breakthrough, God is good because that is who He is. Only I can run to Abba and only I can turn it off.  No more running to God for breakthrough.. I am running to God because I miss Him terribly! He is my joy, my love, my peace, my clarity of the day. He is what fuels my life. No more excuses, no more of this self pitty. Today is a new day! Forgive me Father, my heart hurts for how I viewed my marriage. No more, can the enemy whisper lies to me! For I know the truth and the truth has set me free!

"The Secret to it all is being content in every season. Take your eyes off everything you could criticizes or be be critical about, and just keep your eyes on Jesus and say you are good!"
- Chad Norris


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