The German

You know its true what they say...

"Just cause you love someone doesn't mean your meant to be with that person."

Not to long ago.. This handsome German man walked into my life. He was interested in me. I was interested in him. We talked. Things that Tyler and I never talked about. But then I remembered my promise I gave to Father and I also knew I still cared for Tyler.

So I wanted to be honest with Tristan (the handsome German man) and I told him. He responded.

All I can say is, something woke up in me when I read Tristan's reply back to me. I've truly realized...I need to learn to let Tyler go... if I don't I could miss out on an amazing guy!

I don't know why I keep waiting on Tyler to pursue me when obviously he is not going to do that. That's the whole reason why I broke up with him in the first place. I know he wants to be with some else if he had the chance. And I am happy for him... doesn't that mean I've moved on?

Then why does my heat ache when I see him? 


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