Do you Believe

There are days when I need to get away from the crazy, chaotic lifestyle. Everything here is go, go, go. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Money, Money, Money. Most day's I get overwhelmed. All the place's I wanna see, all the things I wanna do with my life and it all involves money. I don't care for money. I really don't. But you can't go travel and see the world, or live on our own without working to earn that money.

I don't know how people do it. Most of the people in my life work 2 or 3  jobs and are gone all day long earning the money they need to survive in this world. It frustrates me so much that, we have to work HARD all day, to bring a paycheck home to simply pay the rent, eat food, fix your car, pay utilities, gas, cloths, you name it. Everything is costly.

What about those people who want to travel? Or it could be as simple as living on your own. These days, I see more and more people living on the streets. People are not able to pay their bills, so then they r kicked out of their house's. I can't imagine the weight they carry. The feel of hopelessness.

Yes, I have a home, but at the moment, I too struggle, saving money so that I can move out of my parents house to have a home of my own. I already feel stuck. I feel like I have to work all hours of the day to just get by. But that's not what life is supposed to be like. We forget so much to just stop and rest. When we get in a pattern of working and creating an active lifestyle we have a hard time stopping and doing nothing. Some of us feel as though that is laziness. I know I do.

I like to go to the mountains and stop where I can see the view from down below. It gives me a sense of peace. I feel the weight I've been carrying lifted off my back. I start to see life the way Father see's life. It's quite up there. All the noise around you is now far away. Life as we know it is a gift from God. So we should live our every day, as if it would be our last.  Who knows.. it could be! Every one of us will die. We just don't know when. So, let's be thankful for our small moments. We all have dreams, and I'm not saying to give up on them. But to allow yourself to be "ok" if it doesn't happen
 the way you expect it to happen.

When I was kid going through high school and college....

 I thought I would have a school for children, in Africa. I would live their my whole life and stay single. Father said no to my dream. Instead he took me on other adventures that has changed my life. I would not be the woman I am now if it weren't for those life lesson's and faith trusting adventures, Father has taken me on. So why wouldn't I trust Him now? Maybe your going through the same thing as I am? Father wants you and I to trust Him. To not look ahead to but to take one day at a time and to live life in the moments  of your day. To love people well, just as Jesus did. To smile, laugh, and (yes) to work hard.

When I went to YWAM ( a photography school in Hawaii) Father provided 11,000 dollars in 6 months! At the moment, I barely get by paying rent alone. I told Father..."why aren't you providing, when you provided the 11,000 dollars for my school?? He said,"It's because I've put you in a place to learn from me in a way u have yet to discover." I'm not sure what that is, but it gives me peace in knowing I'm in the right place.

Trust Father.  Follow Him. Everything will be ok. Even if it's not how you thought it was going to turn out. We all have expectations. I know I do. I also know I need to learn to let go. To trust, and to believe regardless of the turn out.


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